• 2021-22 SCHOOL OF CHOICE (SOC) - 2nd Semester - Enrollment Window, Applications & Instructions ...

     For Jr. Kindergarten & Kindergarten - CLOSED 
     For Grades 5-8 & 12 - CLOSED

    For Grades 1-4 and 9-11 - OPEN 11/23/21 - 12/15/21 @ 12:00 PM
    We are accepting applications for SOC students interested in in-person learning who reside within Livingston County (105) and any contiguous county (105c). LIMITED offerings are available at Brighton High School, Hawkins, Hilton and Spencer Elementary only.

    Instructions & Forms:
    An information sheet is included with the SOC application below - which provides detailed instructions and "Things to Know." For best success, please submit all required documents/information together at one time to ensure everything has been received.  Our administrative team will respond to your application before BAS closes for winter break.

    1. Submit the following documents to the Enrollment Office by 12/15/21 noon for SOC consideration:
      • SOC Application
      • Affirmation of Prior Discipline/Behavior Form - Prior schools/Districts must complete the bottom portion of the form prior to submission.
      • Discipline/Behavior Report/communication if applicable
      • Most recent Report Card
      • Most recent IEP if applicable
    2. Drop off your information at the Superintendent's or Enrollment Office ... or Fax 810-299-4045, email  jacobsk@brightonk12.com.  BAS is not responsible if your application is sent to Spam or if the documents received are not legible/printable.
    3. Notification of acceptance in Brighton Area Schools and instructions on how to proceed with enrollment will be emailed or mailed to you after your information has been reviewed. 


    Should you have any questions about the School of Choice process or enrollment, please contact the following offices: 

    BAS - Superintendent's Office
    Fax (810) 299-4045 ~ Phone (810) 299-4040

    Email: acromis@brightonk12.com 

    BAS - Enrollment Office
    Fax (810) 299-4069 ~ Phone (810) 299-4095
    Email: jacobsk@brightonk12.com