• SCHOOL OF CHOICE (SOC) ... Fall 2022-23 

    SOC applications can only be accepted during the application collection window dates for 2022-23 enrollment consideration.

    Jr. Kindergarten & Kindergarten ... 2/15/22 - 8/12/22 @ 12:00 PM  CLOSED
    Grades 5-11 ... 3/1/22 - 8/12/22 @ 12:00 PM  CLOSED
    Grades 1-4 & 12 ... 4/4/22 - 5/3/22 @ 12:00 PM  CLOSED

    Check back the last week in November for any updates for the second half of the school year. 

    For best success:

    • For Grades 1-12 that require the Affirmation of Prior Discipline/Behavior form ... parents will need to have the former district(s)/school(s) complete the verification portion on the bottom of the form and provide supporting documents.  No Release of Records form will be provided from BAS. It will be the responsibility of the SOC family to obtain this information and submit it with your SOC application.
    • Our administrative team will start to review applications for those unlimited grades after spring break, and for those limited grades - after the collection window closes.   Your patience is appreciated.
    • If your student application is accepted and you complete the enrollment process -- TRANSPORTATION WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT.

    To start the SOC process:

    CLICK HERE  (disabled as of 8/12/22 @ 3:00 pm)

    Should you have any questions about School of Choice, please contact one of the following offices: 

    BAS - Superintendent's Office
    Fax (810) 299-4045 ~ Phone (810) 299-4040

    Email: acromis@brightonk12.com 

    BAS - Enrollment Office
    Fax (810) 299-4069 ~ Phone (810) 299-4095
    Email: jacobsk@brightonk12.com