• Immunization Information

    The State of Michigan requires certain age-related vaccines for public school attendance. Proof of vaccinations, or an immunization waiver, is required upon new enrollment in the district and/or prior to starting Kindergarten and 7th grade.

    There are two options to ensure vaccine compliance when required:

    1. Check with your child's healthcare provider to ensure up to date vaccination status. You may need to schedule an appointment if vaccinations are due.
    2. Obtain a vaccination waiver through the local county health department. Waivers are by appointment only and may be scheduled by phone or online via Livingston County Health Department’s website. Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible as spaces are limited and may take some time to complete.

    Please submit a copy of the updated vaccine record from your child’s healthcare provider, or immunization waiver, to your school’s main office once complete.

    State of Michigan Vaccine Requirements

    Livingston County Vaccination or Vaccination Waiver Scheduling