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    Initial Email

    Logic Trace installation


    Thank you for your order of the Logic Trace digitizing system. We will email tracking information for the digitizer when available. Use this email to download and install the software and drivers. If you prefer that a CD be sent to you let us know.


    We recommend going ahead and installing the Logic Trace software and Tabletworks driver now using this email, so that the computer is all ready when the digitizer arrives. Of course you can wait for the CD if you prefer. If installing on a computer without the internet, you can download the files onto a USB drive and install from the USB drive.


    1. Install the Logic Trace software from the following link:



    The software requires a security code to install. Download the software, start to install, the install program displays a green 4 digit number, call 512-656-8195 or email john.walsh@logicgroup.com with that number and I will give you the security code. You may install the software on more than one computer just call me for the code.


    You may get an error message when installing the software, when this happens the install program needs to be run as an administrator. Download the software and save it in the download folder, start the file explorer program and go to the download folder, right-click the name of the software 2018LogicTrace..., click run as administrator, and then call or email for the code. 


    2. Install the wintab Tabletworks driver from the following link:  



    It is the download link on the left. It does work on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.  


    3. The Manual is online in the form of two videos:

    Part 1: Installing the driver, software, digitizer, testing:



    Part 2: Two digitizing examples



    4. When the digitizer arrives, unpack it from its box, attach the USB cable to the board and attach the USB cable to the computer. The digitizer needs no power supply it gets power from the USB cable. The digitizer should beep when the USB cable is attached to the computer, if not it needs to be turned on. The on-off switch is in the back where the cable connects. There is a light in the upper right hand corner of the digitizer, it is blinking when the digitizer is turned on, and it is solid when the Pen stylus is near the board. You do not want to keep the pen on the digitizer when you are not using it, if you do it will interfere with your computer mouse.


    5. The cordless pen has batteries that are activated by touching a button or tip of the pen. Before digitizing any pattern press a button on the pen to activate the batteries. You can tell that the pen is transmitting because the light on the digitizer will turn solid. The first time the pen is used you may need to take the batteries out and put them back in to activate them. The batteries can be replaced with silver oxide batteries.


    6. Start tabletworks by clicking the Start button of windows, all programs or all apps, scroll down to Tabletworks, click Tabletworks folder, click Tabletworks program. The Tabletworks control panel window will open and it should see the Calcomp Drawingboard digitizer. Click the Wintab option at the top so that it has an check in it, click the Mouse option at the top so that is does not have a check in it, click the Apply button at the bottom, the Okay button at the bottom, and the window will close.


    7. Start the Logic Trace software by clicking the Start button of Windows, scroll down to The Logic Group, click 2018 Logic Trace folder, click 2018 Logic Trace program or by clicking the 2018 Logic Trace shortcut on the desktop.


    8. Test the digitizer and software using the instructions in the two videos in step three above. I would also be happy to show you how to use the software.