• Hello Class of 2026!  Here is the information that we went over in the spring prior to registering for this year’s classes.  This is for your reference.

    1. Colored Scheduling sheet - Do not lose as you’ll only get one

      1. Fill in both semesters, sign, and get parent signature

      2. Pick 2 alternates at the bottom of the sheet in case you can’t get your 1st elective choice

      3. Log-into your Student Connect and request your future self

      4. Click on the request and add/drop tab

      5. Make sure you are up to 6 credits total then submit

      6. Full year core i.e. English, Math, Science, and Social Studies mostly end in a zero (access the curriculum guide to find course codes)

      7. 1st semester electives end in an even number and 2nd semester electives end in an odd number

    1. Individual meetings with counselors begin February 22nd.  Bring the completed sheet to the meeting.

    2. English options - American Literature or Honors American Literature

    3. Math options - Next in sequence

    4. History options - World History or AP World History (must get teacher signature)

    5. Science options - Chemistry or General Chemistry (talk to science teacher)

    6. Electives - Make sure you have met MMC (health, PE, world language, VPAA)

    7. Questions  minerj@brightonk12.com  or 810-299-4154

  • Below is the link for the freshman scheduling presentation:


    2026 Scheduling Presentation Link