• Design Concept Challenge

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    Title Block: Use attached Title Block form for Layout: zip ASBE Title Block 
     NOTE: Title Block should be removed from the zip folder and placed with the design files.  Paper Size: D Size

    The Design Concept Category Problem: 

    The Design Concept Category requires the student to creatively design the steering wheel or steering devise of the future. Assume, for this exercise, that the vehicle is not fully autonomous, and the driver has a role in controlling the vehicle. Envision how that driver in the future will be using this devise and include those features. Design considerations are it must function to steer/control the vehicle, contain the additional controls, monitoring devises and features that a future driver would desire. The airbag in the hub must remain as part of the design.

    Students are required to show an initial design concept sketch leading up to the progression of their final submission. Entries may include a progression of concept ideas leading up to the final design. As noted above, this presentation can use any combination of freehand sketch, computer generated rendering or physical model of what the “vehicle steering system” will look like. 

    A digitized CAD data model of the steering column and surrounding background as well as  a current production steering wheel and air bag module, which is to be used for reference only, in the form of a ST file will be provided. For those who don’t have access to a computer graphics program or choose to submit hand renderings, an image of the steering column and hub will be available as a pdf file that can be printed and used as an underlay for a basis of the design. A submission of a physical model of the entire design or a portion of it submitted with a graphic design, in reduced scale is acceptable, If only a 3D model is being entered, A written document of at least one page describing the thought process, evolution of the design, and/or a description of intent of the design must accompany the submission. 

    Format and Presentation Requirements: 

      • After deciding what to include in the “vehicle steering control system”, Items are to be positioned and packaged in a functional and attractive manner  
      • Only the face of the items in the design need to be shown, internal mechanisms need not be shown
      • Entries should be done so that all of the unique features are easily seen and identified. This description can include partial views or views from different viewpoints to best describe the design
      • The design itself must not include the name of the student, school, school logo or otherwise identify the student, school or school district.
      • The submission must include an initial sketch but can include sketches showing the design progression. These sketches can be made on letter size sheets and attached to the required one-page written document (refer to the next bullet point) or be included on the same sheet with the finished design.
      • Entries must include at least a one-page written explanation of the design progression students used in developing the concept, including any research or reference material. If written on a separate sheet, it must be firmly attached to the drawing.  
      • Note: the depiction and description of the development of the design is a critical factor in the judging of your entry.
      • Final entries can be submitted as a hand drawing or rendering, computer graphics drawing, physical model or any combination of these. Models are not to exceed 5 pounds.
      • All computer graphic and/or hand rendered entries are to be on a single sheet or display board and be no larger than 24 x 36 inches (D size). Folding display boards must be no larger than 24 x 36 when open.
      • The entry must be identified with “the student information block” that is included with the Contest materials. The student information block is supplied under two file formats for your choosing. This “Student Information Block” is to be included or attached to the lower right hand corner of the sheet, or printed and attached to physical models. Enter the information requested including the student proper first and last name. Please do not change the scale of the Block; 3.5” x 3.5” on the drawing. No other title block or identifier should be used. Student and school information will be masked during judging.

    Entries will be judged on:

      • Creativity of the design
      • Inclusion of the depiction and description of the development of the design
      • Practicality of the design 
      • Supporting written documentation which describes key elements of the design
      • Adherence to presentation requirements
      • Quality of the written presentation, concept development images, and final drawing

    Decision of the judges is final