• TinkerCAD with Arduino: Servo Motors and DC Motors

    Sensors vs Actuators

    Website Reference: Sensors vs Actuators

    Actuators are Output Components (LED, Motor, speaker etc.) and produce heat or motion

    Sensors are Input Components (push button, ultrasonic sensor, gas sensor, scale, etc.) and produce an electrical signal that can be read to determine various types of data (distance, gas mass, color, etc.) There are to main categories of sensors Digital and Analog

    - Digital Sensors/Electrical Components: have a finite set of possible values. Typically On or Off states (i.e. light switch, touch sensor)

    - Analog Sensors: have a range of values can be ever changing based on the environment (i.e. thermometer (thermocouple), photoresistor, potentiometer, gas sensor, color sensor)

    Tutorials and Assignments
    1. Servo Motors
    2. DC Motors
    3. DC Motor and Ultrasonic Sensor

    Note: RGB Colors: That color schemes may not match up to same in Tutorial; it does not matter if exact colors as long as the RGB is changing colors based upon the state of the input (potentiometer, motor, button, etc.)

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