• Fanuc Robotic Arm
    General References
          Reference Video: Introduction to Fanuc Robots
          Reference Video: 
    Singuliarity Overview and How to Avoid 
                 NOTE: Singularity is when the J3, J4 and J5 Joints are in alignment.  The robot will fault out because there is an infinite number of possibilities to move and the robot can not sort it out.                   To get out of singularity: Clear Faults > Jog one of J3, J4 or J5 Joints.  NOTE: The operator may only move a small number of degrees at a time.  
          Reference Video: Dual Check Safety (DCS)
          Reference: Dual Check Safety (DCS) Diagram

    Jogging and Moving the Robot
    Tutorial 1:
    RoboGuide Basics and Robot Jogging
             Reference: Fanuc Teach Pendent Hardkeys Descriptions
             Questions: Google Doc: RoboGuide Basics and Robot Jogging
                                                      NOTE: Google Doc: Make a Copy  > Add your last name to the File Name > Complete the Questions > Share to the teacher 
                                 PDF Copy:  RoboGuide Basics and Robot Jogging  
             Lab: Industrial Robot Makerspace
                  With Supervision In the Makerspace Operate the Robot completing the following tasks
                   1. Jog the Robot Coordinate
                        A. Joint 
                        B. World
                   2. Jog the Robot into DCS (Dual Check Safety) > Jog Robot out of DCS 

    Opening and Running a Program
          Tutorial 2:
    Opening and Running a Program
                     Questions Google Doc: Opening and Running a Program
                     PDF Copy: Opening and Running a Program
          Lab: Industrial Robot Makerspace: Open and Close a Program
                  With Supervision In the Makerspace Operate the Robot completing the following tasks
                     1. Jog Robot to any Position > Open Program: Zero > Run Program
                     2. Open Program: Sample Movement > Run Program as follows
                         A. T1 STEP 
                         B. T1 Continous  

    Creating a Program and Motion Types Linear v Joint
          Tutorial 3:
    Creating a Program: Rectangle
           Questions: PDF Copy: Creating a Program
           Assignment 3: RoboGuide Creating a Program: Triangle Path
           Lab: Industrial Robot Makerspace: Creating a Program
               With Supervision in the Makerspace Operate the Robot Completing the following tasks
                    1. Create a two Programs: Rectangle and Triangle Taped to the box
                     Objective: Trace the Shape taped to the top of the box on the Fanuc Workcell.
                     NOTE: The end of the End Effector Claw should not come within 2 inches of the box
                     Claw should move around the shape on a flat plane
                    End Point of the claw should be perpendicular to the shape
                    2. Open Program: Sample Movement > Run Program as follows
                         A. T1 STEP > TouchUp Points as Needed
                         B. T1 Continuous > TouchUp Points as Needed  
                   Reference: Creating a Program
                   Reference: Shape Worksheet

    Motion Type: Arcs and Circles
            Tutorial 4:
    Arc and Circle Motion Paths
             Assignment: RoboGuide Curved Path
            Lab: Circle Motion Path
                      Program 1 Circle: Trace circle taped to the top of the box               
                      Program 2 Oval: Place the Black Matte on top of the Box > Align the Corner of the Black Matte to the Front Right Corner of the Taped piece of paper.           

    RoboGuide: Adding Objects 
          Tutorial 5:
    Adding Objects
           Download Image: Fanuc Curving Trace Line

                    Reference Youtube Video: Roboguide Adding a Box and Images to a Box 
                    Reference Youtube Video: Fanuc Roboguide Attach a Part to a Fixture  
           Lab: Curvy Line Trace
                   Program 1: Curvy Line Trace
                   Program 2: User Created Design

    Programming Codes: Calling Programs and Jump/Labels 
            Tutorial 6: Calling Programs, Jump/Labels, and Conditional Statements  
                   Reference Youtube Video:
    Call, Jump/Label and Wait Commands 
             Lab: Calling Programs, Jump/Labels, and Conditional Statements

    File Manipulation: File Manipulation
            Lab Tutorial 7:
    File Manipulation
          Reference Youtube Video: Types Robot Start Ups

          Reference Website:
    Why Use Frames?
          Reference Website:
          Reference Youtube Video:
    Frames Tool and User 
           Reference Youtube Video:
    Frames Tool: How to Define Tool Length  
    Frames: Tool
             Tutorial 8: Frames: Tool
              Questions: Frames
              Lab: Using the 3-Point Method, Find the Tool Lengths of the Gripper and Vacuum Gripper > Set as Tool 8 Gripper and Tool 9 Vacuum Gripper similar to the Tutorial

      Frames: User
             Tutorial 9:
    Frames: User and Assignments

                               Download: Part File (NOTE: Open .zip folder > remove (Copy/Cut) the part file from the .zip folder > Place in Workcell Folder)
             Assignment(s): Roboguide Assignments:
                                                        Assignment 1:
    Setup User Frame 2 for Angled Surface Block
                                                        Assignment 2:
    Write a Program that will Trace the Top of the Rectangle Block and Angle Surface using both
                                                                                  a. Gripper
                                                                                  b. Vacuum Gripper
                                                       Assignment 3:
    Move Angled Block on Table > Update User Frame 2 > Run Program
            Lab: Recreate the Tutorial on the Fanuc Cert Cart.  Tutorial and Assignment:
    User Frame Lab       
                   Reference Youtube Video: Frames Tool and User   

    I/O: Gripper
            Tutorial: Roboguide Part 1 Gripper I/O Open and Close
            Tutorial: Roboguide Part 2 Gripper I/O Pick and Place
            Video Tutorial: Roboguide Part 1 Pick and Place with Vacuum Gripper
                     Download: Workcell BHS Vacuum Gripper with Conveyer and Pallet with Robot > Open Zip Folder > Copy Workcell Folder > Navigate to C:WIndows > My Workcells > Paste Workcell Folder
             Video Tutorial: Roboguide Part 2 Pick and Place Moving Conveyer Belt
                      Use the Workcell from Part 1
             Video Tutorial: Roboguide Part 3 Pallet Stacking
                      Use the Wrokcell from Part
             Assignment: Combine the lessons learned in Parts 1-3 to have parts moved down the conveyer then stack onto the pallet

    Lab: Gripper Bolt
    Lab: Vacuum Box
    Tutorial: RoboGuide Washer Stack 
    Lab: Washer Stack




    Reference Youtube Video:  Fanuc Roboguide Basic Setup

    Website: Training Site

    Login: See Teacher for Login Info

    Password: fanuc


    Grading: Screen Shot Quizzes for each section > Email Screenshot email to teacher


    Website: CRX E-Learning (Co-Bot) Training

    Reference Website: KAREL Programming