• Project Overview: 2023/24 Engineering Concept Category

    The Engineering Design Category requires the student to create a functional design of a front mounted protective brush or push bar including the supporting posts or brackets and attachments. A digital model of a portion of the vehicle front sheet metal and structure will be provided in the form of an STP file from which to build the design using any CAD system available to them.

    • The bar must be a separate assembly consisting of the bar itself and at least two or more attaching posts or brackets and attached with some form of fastening system. The fastening methods must be fully defined.
    • The bar assembly needs to be clearly defined using necessary auxiliary views and sections.
    • The fastening system, using screws, bolts or other forms of attachments must be clearly defined by necessary views and sections along with any seals or gaskets.
    • Each part of the bar assembly must be shown in orthographic projection using at least two views. Section, auxiliary; iso views can be used as needed to fully describe the wing and post or bracket assembly to clearly show how they fit together and are assembled.
    • The design of the bar system must not include the name of the student, school, school logo, or otherwise identify the student, school, or the school district.
    • Each component of the design must be labelled with part name and material. Student can use a parts list and number system to identify parts on the same orthographic view as needed.
    • Fasteners and other attachment methods must also be shown in their proper assembled position.
    • All views need to be carefully, correctly, and logically arranged and spaced on the sheet.
    • No dimensions need to be shown on the drawing.
    • An exploded pictorial assembly view may be used but is not required. 

    Download: Part Files
    NOTE: 2 Files: Single Part File and Assembly File
    All Parts are in METRIC (mm)
    Be sure to change all units of newly created parts to mm before designing
    Creo Reference Video: Setting/Changing Units 
    NOTE: Model can not be cut away from without doing the following
    1. Copy Surface(s)
    NOTE: Surface Copies will need to be grouped together to provide accurate meshing
    2. Paste Surface(s)
    3. Thicken Copies: 2-5 mm thick  




    Front Facia Panel 1

    Front Facia Panel 2