Hilton FAQs

  • Hilton FAQs
    Information for Parents
    For additional information please see the official Brighton Area Schools Elementary Schools Handbook (pdf).
    The School Day

    8:43 am - 3:50 pm
    School doors open at 8:40 to let children into the building.
    Friendship Center Childcare
    7:00 - 8:47 am
    3:50 - 6:00 pm
    Students must be registered for childcare to participate.

    School Year Calendar
    The first day of school is Tuesday, September 4, 2018

     The last day of school is 

    Friday, June 7, 2019


    Breakfast: 8:20-8:45
    Price: $2.00 includes milk

    Lunch: $2.50 includes milk
    Milk only: 50¢
    Lunch Recess Grade
    11:15-11:40 11:40-12:00 JK/K
    11:45-12:10 12:10-12:30 1st
    12:15-12:40 12:40-1:00 2nd
    12:45-1:10 1:10-1:30 4th
    1:15-1:40 1:40-2:00 3rd

    Web Links
    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Greg Gray

    Transportation Department
    Friendship Center childcare
    810-299-3819 (Main Office)

    Student Nutrition menus and more

    Parent Connect
    add money to lunch accounts, change email preferences

    Health Forms and Information
    Allergy & Asthma Emergency Plans, Medication Forms, & More

    Livingston County Parent Advisory Committee for Special Education
    Department of Special Education
    OT / PT, Speech, IEPs and more
    Riding the Bus
    Who supervises the children at the bus stop?
    There is no supervision at the bus stops. The district is responsible for students from the time they get on the bus until they return to the bus stop at the end of the day.
    Will the bus driver wait for my child if he / she is late to the bus stop?
    No, bus drivers will not wait for tardy students. Please plan to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to pick up each day.
    What happens once my child's bus arrives at school?
    The children remain on their buses until the principal and the teachers on bus duty arrive outside. Once the children exit the bus they line up by grade outside the building. 4th grade Safety Patrol members are also outside to help the younger children. Children are not permitted to run around before school. 
    During the winter when the weather is cold or throughout the year if it is raining children remain on their buses until just before it is time to go inside.
    Bus behavior, procedures and safety
    If your child will be riding the bus on a regular or occasional basis it is helpful if they ride the bus each day during the first week of school. During the first days of school the bus drivers will spend time talking with the children about bus behavior, safety procedures and other important information. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and students. Students must obey the driver.
    At the end of the day who makes sure my child gets on the correct bus?
    Children who ride a bus are taken to the gym by their teachers where they are seated in rows according to their bus numbers. At the front of each row is a 4th grade Safety Patrol member holding a color coded sign with the bus number on it. 
    When it is time to board the bus each row follows its Safety member and walks to the bus. The bus drivers are also paying attention to who is boarding their bus. Additionally, at the beginning of the year students are given bus tags with their bus number on them. These should be pinned to their backpacks. The school principal and multiple teachers are also outside while children board the buses. They remain outside until all of the buses have left the building.
    Will the bus driver drop my child off at the bus stop if I am not there?
    JK and kindergarten students must have an adult at the bus stop to meet them. If there is not an adult at the bus stop the child will remain on the bus and be driven back to Hilton after the bus driver has completed his / her route. The bus driver will escort the child to the office and the school staff will use the child's emergency card to contact an authorized adult to pick the child up.
    Will the bus driver make sure my child gets off at the correct bus stop?
    Yes. The bus driver is aware of each child's bus stop. Students must have written permission from their parent, which should be shown to and signed off on by their principal, to get off the bus at any place other than their designated bus stop, or to ride a different bus.
    Can my student eat or drink on the bus?
    No, eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus.
    Morning Drop-Off
    I drive my child to school. Which parking lot should I use?
    Parents use both parking lots for drop off. Either parking lot is fine for all grades. 
    In the larger lot, on the side of the building, parents pull into the first lane and drop students off at the crosswalk. You may also park and walk your child up to the school. 
    In the smaller lot, facing Hilton Rd, you can pull up to the sidewalk and let your child out or park and walk your child up to the school. 
    Many children are dropped off each day. To keep things moving along please use a parking spot if your child needs extra time or assistance getting out of the car rather than using the fast drop off areas.
    Who is watching the children while they are outside before school?
    The school principal is outside every morning as well as multiple teachers. During the first few weeks of school all of the JK / kindergarten teachers will be outside to gather their students. 4th grade Safety Patrol members are also outside to help the younger children learn where to go. Each grade has a designated area where the students line up. Children are not permitted to run around before school. Parents may wait outside with their students until the bell rings but can not walk their students to their classrooms.
    What if my child arrives late for school?
    You should walk them to the school office. Sign your child in on the sheet provided and then he / she will walk down to their classroom.
    After School - Pick Up
    My child does not ride a bus. How is after school dismissal handled for these students?
    If your child will be picked up every day rather than ride a bus please give this information to their teacher. Pick up students are dismissed to the Large Motor Room at the end of the day. Please continue reading for detailed information about after school pick-up procedures.
    My child normally rides a bus but occasionally they will be picked-up after school. How is this handled?
    You must send a note letting your child's teacher know that he / she should not ride the bus that day. As part of the school's child safety rules children will be put on the bus if a note is not sent. If you need to make changes to how your child will get home once the school day has started please call the school office. Please continue reading for detailed information about after school pick-up procedures.
    What is the procedure for after school pick-up?
    Each child at Hilton is assigned a family pick up number, so if you have multiple children at Hilton they will have the same number. You will be given multiple cards with your family number on them. This allows you to have a copy for mom and dad, neighbors, grandparents or anyone else you have authorized to pick up your child. 
    You will also be given multiple backpack tags with your family number on them to pin to your child's backpack. If your child loses their tag it will not be a problem, but having both matching numbers will speed up the process. Also, if each child memorizes their family number, this will also help to speed up the process.
    At the end of the school day children being picked up are dismissed to the Large Motor Room. Parents will gather outside the school near door #15 which is located along the side of the school facing Hilton Road. There are several mailboxes outside into which you place your family number. You must use the official cards given to you by the school. You can not make your own additional or replacement copies. 
    Fourth grade Safety Patrol members will collect the numbers and deliver them to teachers in the Large Motor Room. The teachers will call the numbers and dismiss the children in small groups and allow them to exit the building. Young children will be walked out by a teacher and assisted in locating their parent. 
    What if I forget my family number?
    If you or someone else arrives at the school to pick up your child without your family number please go to the school office. The secretary will assist you. You may be asked to show identification and if someone other than a parent is picking up your child the secretary will check your child's emergency card to make sure that person has been authorized by you to pick your child up.
    How do I register my child for free or reduced price breakfast and lunch?
    These programs are administered by the federal government. They require that families reapply each year. Registration forms are available from the school office and through the BAS Student Nutrition Office.
    Please be assured that the use of the free and reduced meal program is a confidential process. Free and reduced meals are purchased just as full price meals are purchased without identifying a student's eligibility.
    How does the breakfast program work?
    Breakfast is served from 8:20-8:45 each day. Any child may purchase breakfast on a regular or occasional basis. Children riding the bus will be dismissed by their driver to go in for breakfast. Children being dropped off at school can enter the building early and head to the cafeteria. Children who are eligible for free or reduced price lunch are also eligible for free or reduced price breakfast.
    Do I have to sign my child up for hot lunch or breakfast?
    No. Hot lunch or breakfast can be purchased on a regular or occasional basis. You do not have to notify the school in advance or register for hot lunch or breakfast.
    If you decide that your child will have hot lunch or purchase milk on any given day they simply go through the lunch line and pick up lunch and / or milk and then proceed to the cash register.
    Does my child have to bring cash to school to purchase milk, hot lunch or breakfast?
    Children can use cash to purchase milk, lunch or breakfast. However, the school offers electronic lunch accounts so that children do not have to carry cash at school. Each child has a lunch account whether or not they use it.
    At the cash register the lunch aide has a barcode sheet that links each child to their lunch account. Your child just needs to tell the lunch aide his / her name, their bar code will be scanned and the cost of their meal or milk will be deducted from their account. The same procedure applies if your child is receiving free or reduced price lunch: they give their name, their barcode is scanned. 
    How do I add money to my child's lunch account?
    You can deposit money into the account by sending cash or a check made out to "BAS Cafe" to school with your child. Be sure to put your child's full name on the check. Put it in an envelope labeled lunch account. Each classroom has a place to deposit lunch payments. Cash and check deposits will be added to your child's account that day. 
    You may also add money to your child's account via credit card by calling 810-299-4175 or by logging into Parent Connect. Payments made using Parent Connect are processed through PayPal. There is a processing fee for paying by credit card online.
    How do I keep track of how much money is in my child's lunch account.
    You can log into Parent Connect to check your child's account at any time. The Student Nutrition Department also sends you an automated phone message when your child's account balance reaches zero. Through Parent Connect you can also sign up for daily cafeteria emails which list your student's account balance. Log in and look for "Email Notifications" in the very top right hand corner of the screen to activate this feature.
    What is "snack?"
    Students in 2nd-4th grade may purchase a snack during lunch. These items include cookies, chips, bagels, water, juice boxes, muffins, goldfish crackers, graham crackers, and yogurt. Occasionally there is also ice cream. Most items are 50¢. Students must have money in their lunch accounts to purchase snack - they cannot use cash. Any student may purchase snack whether they have hot lunch or bring a lunch from home.
    What if I don't want my child purchasing a snack?
    You can call the cafeteria (810-299-3950) and let them know that your child does not have your permission to purchase snacks. This will be noted in the child's account.
    What if my child does not have enough time to finish his / her lunch?
    Children can choose to remain in the cafeteria to continue eating during the recess portion of lunch. They can head outside once they finish.
    Will someone help my child open food containers, drink pouches, etc?
    Yes, there are several lunch aides in the cafeteria at all times. Children just need to raise their hands if they need help and some one will be over.
    Is there a refrigerator or microwave available?
    There is not a refrigerator available. There is a microwave in the cafeteria seating area. The lunch aides will assist the younger children with the microwave.
    What if my child forgets his / her lunch?
    You can bring their lunch to the school office and drop it off. The secretary will call your child down to pick it up. Or if that is not possible, your child will be given hot lunch. There are two hot lunch options or soy butter and jelly sandwiches with graham crackers and milk.
    My child has a peanut allergy. How is that handled?
    The teachers and lunch staff are aware that allergies have to be taken seriously. There are nut free areas in the cafeteria. Children with nut allergies sit there. Additionally, all students are reminded that they are not to share / trade food because of the many food allergies. All of the cafeteria tables are wiped down between each lunch session. If you have specific concerns about your child you should contact the school. You are also welcome to come to school to eat lunch with your child if you would like to see first-hand how things are handled.
    Can I come to school to eat lunch with my child?
    Yes. Check-in at the school office, put on a Lunch Visitor badge and meet your child in the cafeteria. Parents are welcome in the lunchroom but outside recess is reserved for the children only. At the end of lunch you must exit the building.
    When do the children stay inside for lunch recess?
    The children will remain inside if it is raining or during the winter if the air temperature or wind chill is below 0°. Inside recess takes place in the Large Motor Room and the children will play board games or watch a movie.
    What type of winter clothing is required for lunch recess?
    When there is snow on the playground children should have snow pants and boots. If they do not have these items they will be required to stay on the blacktop area / basketball courts near the building.
    Visiting Hilton During the School Day
    Does the school have a policy for controlling access into the school building during the day?
    Yes. In an effort to protect the students and staff in their care during the school day, Brighton Area Schools attempts to monitor the presence of non-school personnel in all buildings. 
    Once the school day begins all outside doors to the school building are locked until the end of the school day. All visitors to the school will have to press the intercom button and the building secretary will ask a few questions about the purpose of your visit to the building. You will be "buzzed" into the building. All visitors (including parents) must sign in at the office and wear visitor badges.
    My child forgot something at home. Can I take it to him / her or just put it into their locker?
    If your child forgot something at home you can bring it to the school office. The secretary will call your child's classroom and let the teacher know you've dropped something off. The teacher will send your child to pick it up when time allows. Parents are not allowed into the main part of the school to drop things off. This is to minimize classroom disruptions and is also part of the safe schools practices.
    Are parents allowed to volunteer in their child's classroom?
    Brighton Area Schools welcomes parents and volunteers to visit the schools and assist students and staff. It is up to each teacher to decide what their volunteer needs are. The volunteer opportunities will vary by grade and teacher. Your child's teacher will let families know when they could use extra help. If you are volunteering in a classroom, teachers should be expecting you on the day and time you arrive. Please do not come to the school unannounced.
    What if I have to pick my child up during the day for an appointment or other reason?
    Please send a note to your child's teacher letting them know what time you will pick him / her up. Knowing the pick up time allows the teacher to make sure your child is already waiting for you when you arrive and minimizes classroom disruptions. When you arrive at school you will have to be buzzed into the building. You will meet your child in the office and sign him / her out for the day. Parents are not allowed to pick students up from their classrooms.

    School Communication
    How does the school communicate with parents?
    The school uses electronic communications as much as possible. Please be sure to provide an email address on your child's emergency card at the start of the school year. This is the email address that goes into the system. Contact the school secretary to make changes to your email information at any time throughout the year.
    The school publishes a weekly e-newsletter every Friday. 
    Most teachers at Hilton have classroom websites. Most also publish a weekly or monthly classroom newsletter.
    Each week students bring home a Friday Folder with all kinds of paper flyers including classroom notices, PTO notices, district announcements and more.
    Occasionally, the school will send mass emails with announcements about upcoming events or volunteer opportunities.
    Brighton Area Schools is on Facebook and Twitter.
    Superintendent Greg Gray sends out a weekly e-letter each Friday with updates about the week's activities around the district. A link to this letter is sent via email or you can access it on the BAS district website. You can contact him at 810-299-4040 or grayg@brightonk12.com
    Weather Related School Closing
    For school closing information, please do not call school buildings or the Transportation Department.  The following is a list of resources that will inform you of any school closings for Brighton Area Schools. The district also uses an automated messaging system that will call you and send an email to all parents who have provided their email address as soon as a decision has been made to close school.
    Radio Stations Television District Telephone Web
    WHMI 93.5 FM

    WJR 760 AM
    Channel 4 WDIV 810-299-4000 Option 2 www.cancellations.com
    The decision to close school due to the weather is made by the district Superintendent. Each case is evaluated individually. If the air temperature or wind chill is below -20° school will generally be closed.
    Safety Drills 
    Brighton Area Schools complies with the State of Michigan requirements for safety drills. The state requires fire evacuation drills, tornado drills, shelter in place and lock-down drills. These drills are practiced several times each throughout the school year. When drills are performed appropriate personnel from the Brighton police and / or fire departments, as well as BAS district supervisors are at the schools to evaluate how well teachers and students followed the procedures. For more information please see BAS Safe Schools.
    Tornado Warnings 
    In May 2014 a tornado warning was issued at the end of the school day just before elementary dismissal time and while some high school and middle school students were on buses heading home.
    Fortunately, Brighton Area Schools has an effective safety procedure that was immediately implemented. 
    Here are a few things to know in the event of a tornado warning. Students and adults in the schools will immediately take shelter. Teachers and staff will be with the students at all times. If students are on a bus, the bus will return to the nearest Brighton Area School whether or not it is the students' home school. Everyone will seek shelter there and the bus driver will remain with the students.
    Students and staff will remain in shelter until local authorities declare the warning to have expired.
    If the tornado warning extends beyond the end of the school day students will remain at school in shelter until the warning expires. Students will then return to their classrooms with their teachers. Once buses can arrive at the school students will be dismissed to their buses. This may cause delays in your child getting home. 
    For children who are scheduled to be picked up after school, parents should not come up to the school until it is safe for them to do so. Your child will remain in the care of school staff until you can arrive. When you get to the school go to the school office and your child will be released to you.
    For the most up-to-date information tune to radio station WHMI 93.5. District staff will also attempt to communicate with parents via mass email and Facebook, however, their first priority is ensuring the safety of all students and staff. Building secretaries will also be taking shelter and will not be available to answer phones during a tornado warning.
    Brighton parents highly praised the district's handling of this situation. Our children are being well protected and cared for by the adults at our schools.