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    In April 2017, Hornung Elementary welcomed new adopted animals from the Howell Nature Center to our Hornung family.

    * Odie - White Tailed Deer
    * Vixen - Red Fox
    * Minkus - American Mink
    * Vincent - Flying Squirrel
    * Odin - Broad Winged Hawk
    * Barney - Eastern Box Turtle


    Mission Statement
    Hornung Elementary is a responsible community sharing high expectations for academic, cultural, emotional and social growth.

    Teaching For Excellence – The Hornung Curriculum
    A full curriculum is offered at Hornung Elementary School.  Major subjects include: Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science.   Skills are developed sequentially across grade levels, with specific skill acquisition required before moving to the next level.   Because of the wide range of student achievement and potential, this approach allows the teacher to more readily meet each child’s instructional needs.

    Classes in art, vocal music and physical education are offered to all students kindergarten through fourth grades.  A media specialist meets with elementary students on a regular basis, to provide instruction in media skills, as well as to provide students with various subject matter and instructional materials.  In addition to the major subject areas, Hornung Elementary provides a wide array of programs and activities sponsored by the school and the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).


    Hornung Excellence
    Hornung Elementary School has been recognized by the State Board of Education each year, for the past several years, for outstanding achievement by The Michigan Educational Assessment Program.  Hornung is also fully accredited by the North Central Association.  Among other things, it means our faculty must meet a set of standards and accreditation.  This is reflected in the fact that over seventy percent of our teachers have received advanced degrees.  In addition, teachers continue to remain current by attending conferences and in-service training over the summer and throughout the school year.

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