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  • Welcome Back!

    Dear Families,
         Welcome to Fourth Grade!  We are going to have a wonderful year together! We have lots to learn and many experiences to share.  I look forward to getting to know each of you with your individual personality and character.  Let's set some goals, get ready to learn and follow our dreams! 
         This website will be a resource for you if you need to review newsletters or calendar dates.  I  hope to add photos during the year and provide websites to enrich your learning. There are also some puzzles just for fun.   If you have a suggestion or idea, please use the message board. Remember just to use first names on the internet. Specific questions or concerns should be sent to my email address:

    Suggested Supply List 2016-2017

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    We will have all of the items below in our classroom for community use, however, many students prefer to have their own “personal supply” in their learning space. This list is a suggestion of optional supplies.  We will go through some materials much faster than others, so I may send home a wish list of additional donations/needs throughout the school year. Thanks for your support! J


    Individual Classroom Supplies




    __Colored Pencils


    __Highlighters (2)

    __Black Expo markers (2)

    __Checking Pens (2) (any color-not blue or black)

    __Pencil Pouch

    __Individual Pencil Sharpener

    __Glue Sticks

    __Pocket Folders (4) A daily take-home folder will be provided.

    __Jumbo Book Covers (1)

    __Ear buds/headphones (for personal technology use)


    ***Please label everything with your child’s initials. 

    Also, you may select colors/designs that your child enjoys!***


    Helpful Classroom Donations



    __Cleaning Wipes

    __ Hand Sanitizer

    __Ziploc bags-all sizes (snack, sandwich, gallon)

    __Sticky notes (3x3 or 2x2…any color)

    __ Clipboards

    __ Paper towel

    __Plastic spoons (for snack time)




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