Welcome to Maltby Intermediate's World Language Program - Communication, Culture, Connections, C

  • Bienvenidos and Bienvenue to our quarterly World Language Encore course.  We offer Spanish and French as our languages for the program.  Fifth graders attend on "odd days," and sixth graders on "even days."  We have a great time together in our class by doing a variety of activities that help everyone become familiar with beginning to speak a second language (or third, or fourth!). 

    Our primary goal is to engage our students in a "world of adventure and authenticity" in exploring the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking and French-speaking areas of our very small world!  Each quarter, we learn key vocabulary and phrases to talk to each other with, study our language countries' varied cultures, and are introduced to typical Hispanic and Francophone holidays and how they are celebrated.

    We have an incredible environment to learn in - our very own World Language Lab!  It contains areas for traditional seating and board work, creating cultural crafts and playing cultural games, a second language library, a kitchen facility and last, but not least, technology available to integrate with language learning.