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    Mrs. O'Keefe
    5th Grade Mathematics/Science/ELA
    Welcome to Maltby!!!

    Fall Conferences

    Our class conferences will be held on Thursday, November 7 and Thursday, November 14.  Look for a separate email outlining conference specifics and sign up.


    We are in a good place with US Traditional Multiplication and will continue to practice as we learn about US Traditional Division.  Both multiplication and division algorithms take time to master. We will work to build our skill level each day as we work toward mastery of these concepts.    



    Book Club are well underway and students will be finishing their respective books this week.  As we work within the book club lessons, we will also continue learning about figurative language.  Students are encouraged to take the AR (Accelerated Reader) test for their book club book. These points will count toward their 20 point reading requirement, due:  November 18, 2019.

    Reading Logs

    To promote the growth of our reading stamina and muscle this year, students are asked to read 120 minutes outside of school each week.  Reading times outside of school are flexible to accommodate busy schedules, however it's recommended that students aim to read at least 20 minutes daily.  Reading Logs, with parent signature, are due on Mondays.


    Over the last week, we’ve engaged in investigations to how a new substance is formed.  We’ll wrap up our Mystery Matter lab this week and work to construct a scientific explanation to support our findings.

    ***Click the Daily Planner Post link to find our daily agenda and homework due dates.  Click the My Resources link to view Math Unit Parent Letters and Home Links (answer key).***