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    January 4, 2020


    What a Wonderful Week Before Break!

    What a pleasure it was to share in the holiday spirit with your children!  Lots of excitement entered into our lessons as holiday themes were incorporated throughout our daily learning.  Many thanks go out to all the families who graciously sent in donations for the Maltby Can Prix, BAS Elf Gift Program and to our classroom.  Your generosity was appreciated by all and set a wonderful example of giving back for the children.


    The focus of our Math unit is Fraction Concepts.  The students have completed the assessment for the first portion of Unit 3 and will learn about fractional parts of numbers when we return from break.  



    Personal Narratives have been published! The students worked hard before break to capture the essence of a small moment or experience from their lives to share with readers.  The month of January will be dedicated to non-fiction reading.   

    Reading Logs/AR Goal

    Student’s “Just Right” Reading Goals have been set for Trimester 2.  As with reading levels, each student has a personal reading goal for the trimester.  Ask your child to share their goal with you!

    To promote the growth of our reading stamina and muscle this year, students are asked to read 120 minutes outside of school each week.  Reading times outside of school are flexible to accommodate busy schedules, however it's recommended that students aim to read at least 20 minutes daily.  Reading Logs, with parent signature, are due on Mondays.  


    We have started Instructional Cycle #2 of our Changes Unit.  Students will ponder why party balloons deflate as we focus learning around the topic of conservation of matter.


    • Visit our class website for daily planner posts, homework due dates, unit updates and class resources.  Click the Daily Planner Post link to find our daily agenda and homework due dates, and the My Resources link to view Math Parent Letters and Home Links (including the answer key).   The daily planner post comes in handy when absences arise. Also keep in mind that the Math Home Links are posted should a student need an additional copy of their homework. 
    • Please continue to sign your student’s planner each school day, thank you! 

    Hoping everyone had a Holiday Season!  I’m looking forward to hearing highlights from the students on Monday.  :)

    Your partner in education,


    Wendy O'Keefe