Shrek Jr The Musical

    Production Staff:
    Directors:  Susan Gronow ( & Mark Wilson (
    Costume Lead:  Julie McCormick (
    Set Lead:  Dan Stark 

    The 2017-2018 Scranton musical will be Shrek The Musical Jr.  We are very excited to bring this show to the stage.  It is sure to be a lot of fun.

    You may review our Google Calendar for the production by following the link at the bottom of this page.

    To be eligible to participate in the Scranton Musical, students must meet the following requirements:
    1.  A history of good attendance
    2.  Passing grades in all classes
    3.  A willingness to attend all scheduled rehearsals

    If your child is interested in Auditioning for Shrek Jr., they should assemble three copies of the audition packet and bring all three copies to their audition.  The audition packed should contain all of the following:

    Page 1:  Audition Application Form (link at bottom of page)
    Page 2 & 3:  Completed Conflict Calendar (link at bottom of page)
    Page 4:  Signature Page (only) of the drama contract signed by student and parent.
    Page 5: (staped backward so that when directors turn packet face down, they see the photo) A current head-shot (photograph)

    Please give due-diligence to the completion of the conflict calendar mentioned above.  Students will be expected to attend all rehearsals for which they have not previously mentioned a conflict at the time of auditions.  Failure to attend rehearsals will result in a student be removed from the show or moved into a different role.

    Audition Materials:

    On the audition days, each potential cast member will be asked to perform 2 specific monologues, sing a portion of one song, and learn and perform a short dance.   Please note that the monologue options and song selections are located within the audition materials attachment at the bottom of this page.  It is strongly recommended, by not required, that students memorize their audition monologues and vocal selections prior to auditions.  While students are only required to perform one of the musical selections, many students will likely be asked to perform both.  Therefore, we recommend that students be very familiar with both of the musical selections indicated for their gender.


    Please see the Shrek Drama Contract for an outline of the fee structure.  In addition to the fee structure outlined within the contract, each student will also be responsible for a $20 technical fee.  This $20 fee is used to cover costs associated with the technical end of the production such as microphones and such.  On the contract, you will see reference made to Production Teams and Production Jobs.  Below is a description of each:

    Production Teams:  Production Teams are a group of adults who work together, over multiple weeks, to accomplish a needed task for the show.  Parents volunteering to participate on a production team should anticipate a commitment of approximately 15-30 total hours.

    Costume, Hair & Make-Up Team:  This team will work directly with our costume lead in the creation of costumes and the development of hair and make-up instructions for every member of the cast.  Sewing ability is a benefit, but not a must to join this team.

    Set & Props:  This team has two responsibilities.  The first is to build set-pieces for the show.  Some degree of construction experience (ability to use screw-gun, bind boards together, etc.) is helpful for members of this team.  The second responsibility is locating props.  Props are things that are part of the set that we do not need to build.  So, for example, we will need items like suitcase, signs, etc.  Members of this team will locate and manage these items.

    Backstage Crew:  Adults on this team will move set-pieces and props during the show.  Adults on this team will need to attend the Saturday rehearsal as well as the rehearsals during the final week of the production.  Backstage crew will work one show and be off the other to watch your child.

    Playbill Creator & Editor:  Adults on this team will create and edit our playbill.  A playbill contains a scene list, actor bios, and other important show information.  This team will also need to take head-shots (pictures) to be included within the playbill.

    Cast Party Planning & Execution Team:  Adults on this team will be responsible for collecting a fee from students, and their families, for attending a cast party.  This team will also be responsible for planning the menu, the activities, and the awards that will take place as part of the cast party.  On the evening of the cast party, this team will also be responsible for the set-up and tear-down of the event.

    To sign-up to be a member of a production team, please follow the link below:

    Production Jobs:  Production jobs are responsibilities that are a one-time commitment for the adult involved.

    Usher:  The adults who volunteer as an usher will be responsible for passing out playbills and assisting patrons in finding their seats at one show.

    Green Room Supervisor:  Adults who volunteer as a green room supervisor will be back-stage, during one show,  and supervise those actors who are off stage at any given time.  

    Meal Service/Between Shows:  Adults who volunteer for this role will order and set-up food for the actors between our two Saturday performances.  A budget will be in place for this.  Volunteers are responsible for planning, ordering and laying out the food items.   These volunteers will also be responsible for clean-up and tear down following the meal.

    To sign-up to complete a production job, please follow the link below:

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