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       A Class for Exceptional Children with Special Needs

              I am very happy to be placed at Scranton Middle School and teaching 7th and 8th grade for the 20`9/20 school year.  The curriculum is an ambitious one with many challenges, but I anticipate an exciting and productive year!  I look forward to meeting new families and reconnecting with old friends.  I will do my best to keep you informed regarding classroom activities and student progress, and would like to express my appreciation for your support in advance.  See you soon.

    Mission Statement

         As students  move toward high school and post secondary education/ employment, we must begin to direct our focus toward the functional skills and knowledge they will need as adults.   It is our job to prepare them to independently access all educational, leisure, employment, and housing opportunities within their community.  To accomplish this, our students will need more than academics- they will require self-advocacy, self-determination, communication, pre-vocational and social skills.  Thus, basic English and math lessons will focus on a more functional application to daily life skills than in prior years.  Core academic classes ( Math, Writing, reading, Independent Studies and a Science/Social Studies block) will continue to follow modified general education grade level expectations with a special emphasis on communication skills, reading for meaning, independent problem-solving, collaboration with peers, and enhancing creativity and critical thinking skills. Lessons are aligned with MI- Access Functional Independence goals and objectives. Although I will not be teaching a formal Project Based Learning class, we will incorporate many of the same types of projects in our core academic classes. Feel free to check out the syllabi for each class on my website. 

    Another big focus is to assist each student to develop a "Growth Mindset"- the understanding that they have the power to increase their intelligence through hard work and practice.  Our aim is to increase student resilience, perseverance, and ownership of their learning.  These skills will serve them well beyond their K-12 experience.

    Stop by and chat about your child, their program/progress, or any concerns you may have. I look forward to meeting with you at 3-week conferences in late September.

    Above all, we want all students to feel a sense of belonging here at Scranton, and know that they are welcome, valued, and accepted as individuals that help make our school GREAT!