Art club

Meeting Information
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2:30 - 3:30
Location: F-8
Sponsor: Rebecca Marzonie
Description: Members will be doing projects of their choice as well as donating their time and abilities to community events.

BHS Bass Club and Team

Meeting Information
Day: First Tuesday of the month
Time: 2:30
Location: C-10
Sponsor: Scott Latimer
Description: The club offers anglers a opportunity to meet other anglers, discuss fishing techniques and provide a gateway to competitive Bass fishing

BHS BoarderCross Team

Meeting Information
Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 4:30
Location: Mt Brighton
Sponsor: Mike Marquis
Description: BoarderCross is a racing event where snowboarders compete head to head against riders from other schools. The Boardercross course consists of a start gate, Technical features, banked turns, and a finish line. 5 riders (one from each school racing) compete in every heat accumulating team points through the event. All riders will have the opportunity to race three times per event. The Brighton team will consist of up to 30 boys and 15 girls.

BHS Cyber

Meeting Information
Day: Every Thursday
Time: 2:30-3:15pm
Location: B10
Sponsor: Mrs. Costa
Description: We explore the various aspects of cybersecurity and computer networking. Sharing our interest in technology, we share and grow our knowledge about the field. We have activities to get hands-on with what we know and work on improving our knowledge.

BHS Jumpin' Allstars

Meeting Information
Day: Monday and Thursday
Time: 5:00-7:30pm
Location: Contact for practice locations
Sponsor: Maggy Shah (Mrs. Shah)
Description: A fun, high-energy workout that improves power, endurance, and strength. Jump rope is a great tool for cross-training and builds communication and community.

BHS Motorsports Club

Meeting Information
Day: Wednesday
Time: 2:30
Location: C-28 / Auto Lab
Sponsor: Rob Delaney
Description: Building a Camaro Drag Racing Car. All manner of Automotive & Motorsports.

Brighton Bulldog Competitive E-Sports

Meeting Information
Day: every other Friday starting 9-24
Time: 2:30
Location: D-32/D-34
Sponsor: Michelle Costa
Description: Game competition in teams to practice, play, and work together.

Brighton Cycling Club

Meeting Information
Day: Tues & Thurs, Late May through Mid October
Time: 5pm - 7pm
Location: Island Lake (Tue) and Brighton Recreation Area (Thur)
Sponsor: Greg Giles
Description: The Brighton Cycling club promotes the healthy lifestyle that mountain biking and cycling brings to student-athletes and their families. The club is associated with MiSCA (Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association) and is open to Elementary, Middle School and High School students.

Brighton Field Hockey
Girls Field Hockey

Meeting Information
Day: Monday-Friday
Time: 6-8pm
Location: Scranton Middle School Field

Brighton High School Boxing Club

Meeting Information
Day: Opportunities to meet 7 days a week.
Time: 6pm but many options everyday
Location: Legacy Center
Sponsor: John Chalbeck
Description: The Study of pugilism and the obtaining of life skills such as: discipline, perseverance, logic efficiency, positivity, goal orientation and goal accomplishment, hard work, self defense, and respect.