Intro. to Graphic Comunications

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    Intro to Graphic Communications.

    Graphics Syllabus
    Use these two sites to create a detailed character in a scene using illustrator: you must include using a symbol, swatch, pathfinder, brush, color, stroke change, gradient, shapes/lines, live paint
    Cartoons website             &                  Animal Art
    Turn it in by naming it YOURLASTNAME_Firstname_SCENE,  Upload this file to the dropbox as a .pdf

    Login for school Gmail account to create dropbox    BAS Gmail 
    Use the pen tool to create artwork - Pen tool directions 
    click here to use the expedia logo to practice - print

    Learn how to use InDesign InDesign Assignment   - print and turn in

    Create a notepad   4.25 x 5.5 using all your artwork and design
    Design Elements and Principles - learn, create poster, and present to class.

    Create a newspaper based off a current layout: Newspaper Layout Help
    • Create a one page newspaper after class discussion and use all the design principles and elements when creating. Newspaper DirectionsFirst, create the 16x3 banner (top of newspaper) in Illustrator. Second, create the 18x22 newspaper in InDesign

    Create your account for Lynda Click here - use your address and sign up for this for extra help with Illustrator and InDesign
    • Create a class t-shirt using 2 ink colors and one shirt color. Effects such as 3D and drop shadows don't print along with gradients.  
      Class Shirt Design  
      Shirt and Ink color options - **black is not a shirt option but is an ink option**
    Demo Screen Press - 4 demos on how to use the screen press

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