The Bridge Alternative High School

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    125 South Church Street- Brighton, Mi 48116 - (810) 299-4046  

    Named 2019 School of the Year by the Michigan Alternative Education Organization!

    What parents are saying:

    "I am so pleased with the individualized attention my child receives."

    "My son loves coming to school!"

    "The interaction and communication between the faculty, parents and students is great!"

    "All of the staff is so willing to help my child in whatever he needs to help him succeed."

    What students are saying:

    "The thing I like best about my school is all of the warm welcoming smiles from all of the teachers and staff in the morning."

    “When I need it, I can get one on one time with the teacher to better understand the material.” 

    “The students are here because they want an education. The teachers are open and understanding of students’ individual needs.” 

    “The staff is so supportive and made me realize once you fall down, you can be picked back up.” 

    “The teachers really care.” 

    Our Mission at The Bridge Alternative High School is “to provide a safe, caring and supportive learning environment with an emphasis on inspiring students to achieve social, emotional and intellectual success for post-secondary pursuits and professional work opportunities.”

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