Senior Graduation Meeting

Our Mission

  • The Bridge Alternative High School - Academics and Enrichment 

    The Bridge Alternative High School offers a quality educational program for young people ages 14 to 19 who are seeking an alternative school setting with additional support to achieve success.  The mission of The Bridge is to create a safe, caring, and supportive learning environment with an emphasis on inspiring students to achieve social, emotional, and intellectual success for post-secondary pursuits and professional work opportunities.

    PROGRAM OFFERINGS:  The Bridge Alternative High School offers 4 programs.


    The Full-Time Day Program for students ages 14-19 offers wrap-around services to ensure student success.  The features of this program include the following:

    • Trimester, Monday-Thursday schedule to help with credit recovery
    • Caring, dedicated, highly qualified teachers
    • Clear expectations for behaviors
    • Small class sizes with differentiated instruction
    • On-staff social worker
    • Incentives for attendance and academic achievement
    • Full-time requirement to ensure original or near original track for graduation
    • Part-time option for qualifying seniors in their last semester/trimester
    • Credit recovery through volunteer and work credit programs
    • Sports participation through Brighton High School
    • Breakfast/lunch program with free and reduced for qualifying students
    • Technology integration in the curriculum
    • Bus transportation to school for in-district residents

    Bell Schedule:  Full-Time Day Program (Monday-Thursday) 

    • 7:25 - 8:37       First Period
    • 8:37 - 8:50       Breakfast
    • 8:50 - 10:02     Second Period
    • 10:07 - 11:19   Third Period
    • 11:19 - 11:45   Lunch
    • 11:50 - 1:02     Fourth Period
    • 1:07 - 2:19       Fifth Period

    Enrichment Fridays:

    On Enrichment Fridays students will have the opportunity to receive one-on-one tutoring with their classroom teacher.  In addition, we offer enrichment activities such as science labs and off campus experiences.  Students behind on credits can take advantage of our on-line classes described below.


    Students who have achieved senior status or students under age 20 whose class has graduated may opt to enroll in The Bridge Courseware Program.  Other qualifying students may include teen parents, full-time workers, or other students at least 16 years of age with criteria that would allow them to achieve a high school diploma through online learning with flexible scheduling.  This all on-line curriculum is offered in a lab setting on Fridays with a highly qualified teacher facilitator to provide assistance with the coursework.  Attendance is required.


    This new online program is designed to aid in credit recovery and/or help those students who need a flexible schedule for work or other commitments.  Please call the main office for more information (810) 299-4046.

    • Designed as high school continuation and/or credit recovery
    • Offered to students with junior or senior status
    • Requirements aligned to Michigan Merit Curriculum designed to help students become college and/or work ready upon graduation
    • On-site academic support
    • Regular meetings with teacher to ensure that student is on track


    Students 18 and older, and whose original class has graduated qualify for the 18 Credit Program.  This program requires that a student meet the minimum Michigan Merit Requirements.  Please see below.

    Michigan Merit Requirements:

    All students enrolled in The Bridge Alternative High School whose original graduating class is 2011 or after must complete the following courses to fulfill the Michigan Merit requirements for a Michigan High School Diploma:

    • English:  (4 Credits) See Course Listings
    • Math:  (4 Credits) Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Math Elective
    • Science:  (3 Credits) Biology, Chemistry or Physics, and Science Elective
    • Social Studies:  (3 Credits) American History, World History, Civics, Economics
    • Health/Physical Education:  (1 credit) See Course Listings
    • Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts:  (1 credit) See Course Listings

    Brighton Area Schools Requirements:

    In addition to the Michigan Merit Requirements, all students attending Brighton Area Schools not qualifying for the 18 Credit Program must obtain an additional 6 elective credits for a total of 22 credits for high school completion.

    Qualifications for Enrollment

    • Must be no younger than 14 years and no older than 19 years of age by September 1st
    • Must not be enrolled in any other K-12 school
    • Must provide a copy of transcripts and birth certificate at time of registration
    • Parent or legal guardian must be present at time of registration

    Enrollment Procedures:  

    To enroll in The Bridge Alternative High School, please go to, click on The Bridge Alternative High School and follow the instructions.  When completed and the required forms are printed, please call the school office at (810) 299-4046 to schedule an appointment with our counselor.  Enrollment for new students is August 31 and September 1 by appointment.  The office is located in the BECC Building at 125 S. Church Street in Brighton.  Classes begin on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.