• Honor Roll

    To qualify for the Honor Roll at Scranton Middle School, students must receive a grade point average of 3.44 and above and no "3"  (citizenship marks).  

    Grade/GPA Scale

    A   = 4   A - = 3.7     B+ = 3.3     B = 3.0     B- = 2.7     C+ = 2.3     C = 2     C- = 1.7     D+ = 1.3    D = 1.0     E = 0 

    All G letter grades are passed classes and are not included in calculating GPA.


    Levels of Honor Roll 

    Academic Highest Honors(4.0 GPA)

    Academic High Honors(3.75-3.99 GPA)

    Academic Honors(3.44-3.74 GPA)






    Honor's Night is an event that is held every year in June.  To qualify for this, a student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher for 3 quarters.  An email invitation will be sent out if your student qualifies.  If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to call the main office.