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    Hilton Elementary staff has dedicated their professional development to the implementation of Visible Thinking strategies in the classroom. These strategies facilitate student engagement, understanding and independence for students early learners. Beginning in Kindergarten students are encouraged to share their thinking through active participation in conversation and discourse. You may hear your children talking about various routines, including Tug-O-War, See Think Wonder or Connect/Extend and Challenge.

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    Another area of growth being pursued by the Hilton staff is the adoption of the Conscious Discipline program. Conscious Discipline is a social and emotional classroom management program designed to give teachers the discipline skills they need to address the emotional and social issues of children in the twenty-first century.

    The Conscious Discipline Brain State Model recognizes three basic brain / body / mind states which produce certain behaviors. Intentional responses by trained adults enable children to access their coping skills. This neurodevelopmental model focuses on internal states first and behavior second. Conscious Discipline overview video.