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Enroll Now for the 2021-2022 School Year

Enrollment season has officially begun for the Brighton Area Schools.  At this time, our newest Brighton Area Schools students are enrolling for the fall.  If you have an in-coming student (junior kindergarten, kindergarten or a student transferring from another school), we would encourage you to sign up soon.  Also, if you have friends, neighbors or family that are interested in the Brighton Area Schools, we would appreciate your help in getting out the good word.  The following are a few timelines:

1)  Resident Enrollment - NOW OPEN -  The earlier that new students are enrolled, the better it is for the district for fall planning.
2)  Non-Resident Enrollment (JK, K, 1st, 5th through 11th) - NOW OPEN - We are asking that all paperwork is submitted as soon as possible with August 6th being the deadline that we are targeting.
3)  Non-Resident Enrollment (2nd through 4th grade and 12th grade) - OPENS April 5th and CLOSES May 4th - Because these grade levels are near our target enrollment levels, we are only offering limited choice.  Per State rules, this enrollment window will only be open for 30 days.

Enrollment Website

Enrollment Questions to Karen Jacobs (810) 299-4095