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Staff in the Spotlight: Extraordinary Bulldog of the Month - Michelle Madden

Please join us in congratulating Michelle Madden, of Scranton Middle School, as our March Extraordinary Bulldog.

  • Michelle is such a professional.  She makes learning fun.  She is always trying new things in class to keep her students engaged. She is an exemplary teacher". -Pam Lee-Campbell
  • "It has been a great pleasure to work with Michelle Madden and witness, first hand, her dedication to her instruction, her colleagues, and most importantly her students. Simply put, Michelle has had a tremendously positive personal and professional impact on all who have had the privilege of being her colleague or student." -Patrick Borg
  • "Michelle is such an inspiration to her students as well as her colleagues.  She is an educator that will go the extra mile to make sure her 7th graders are excelling academically as well as emotionally.  I have learned so much from Michelle on how to conduct my classroom, formulate curriculum, and create relationships with my students. I just love her!" -Laurie Zielinski
  • "Michelle is the heart and soul of what Brighton Area Schools represents. She is a lifelong learner who is always researching and trying new teaching methods to reach and support her students. Michelle believes that every child can reach the goals and objectives of her lessons. She differentiates and uses standards based grading and assessments to support them. She is the leader of our social studies department and has jumped on every committee and extra meeting without ever hesitating. She travels with us to Washington DC every year and can be counted on for her support by students and staff. Michelle is the very best of what Brighton has to offer and I am proud to call her a friend and a colleague. -Dr. Hiller  

Thank you so much Mrs. Madden for being such a positive, student-centered and professional staff member.  You are so appreciated.  Go Dogs!

If you would like to nominate a deserving BAS staff member, feel free to fill out this form (Extraordinary Bulldog Nomination Form) and send it to