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Staff in the Spotlight: Extraordinary Bulldog of the Month - Todd Waresvka

Please join us in congratulating Todd Warevsvka as this month's Extraordinary Bulldog.  Todd, as our district mail carrier, brings his positive attitude into all of our buildings each day.  Todd does a great job and is such an important part of the Brighton family.  The following are a few of the many comments about Todd:

  • "Selfless, humble, and dependable, true qualities of a Bulldog!"  - John Thompson  
  • "He works well with all colleagues and always brings a smile to people's faces." - Shelby Gill
  • "We love Mr. Todd at Scranton!  He exemplifies the Brighton difference day in and day out." - Patrick Borg  
  • "He will always come in early or stay after if need to get the mail done."  - Shelby Gill
  • "He is such a humble and kind person." - Shelby Gill
  • "Todd is a great guy.  Every day he tells our staff to "have a blessed day". - Jack Yates
  • "I can always count on Todd to make my day better-with a smile, a kind work, a helpful hand."  Jen Sprys-Tellner   
Thank you Todd for all that you do and for being such a positive force for the district.  You are so appreciated.