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Extraordinary Bulldogs - Renicker & Doupe

Mrs. Renicker and Mr. Doupe lead our district's TIPS program.  TIPS serves our special education transition students working to develop career and independent living skills.  Additionally, these outstanding teachers created the Project Unify athletic program which brings incredible opportunities to our unified students.  The following are a few of the many comments shared about these outstanding professionals:

  • "These two individuals give everything that they have to assist their students.  They are teachers, parents, friends, mentors, coaches and more to all of these incredibly special students."  - Gavin Johnson
  • "Jody and Andy are incredible educators, but also amazing human beings.  Every day, they go over and above to create a warm and welcoming classroom that celebrates all of our students." - Jennifer Sprys-Tellner.
  • "Jody and Andy live each day with their hearts wide open to anyone and everyone who needs help, wants to help, or simply wants to be part of something special." - Jeff Beane
  • "Jody and Andy know the 'stories' of each of their students, and are always going above and beyond to ensure that their students have what they need; engaging and relevant lessons, a healthy snack, and even at times, a prom dress."  - Jennifer Sprys-Tellner
  • "These are special teachers, employees and people and BHS and our students are lucky to have them." - Gavin Johnson.

Thank you to Mrs. Renicker, Mr. Doupe and all of our amazing special education teachers for all that you do.  Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of so many.

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